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Sandfly Repellent & Noseeum Survival Guide

Noseeum & Sandfly Repellent and Additional Survival Tips

Sandfly repellent vs noseeum repellent. We were recently asked if No No-See-Um also also works as a sandfly repellent. The answer is YES! Noseeums fall under the catch all name of sandfly. Other names for these flying, biting, blood sucker sandflys are sand gnat, sandflea, granny nipper, chitra, punkie or punky. In this article w shall refer to them all as sandflys  The following tips when used in conjunction with your sandfly repellent will help keep you bite free.

We all know that sandflys can ruin your outdoor activities and events. Aside from using your trusty No No-See-Um Natural Insect repellent, we have created this sandfly survival guide with suggestions for getting the most out of your sandfly repellent and preventing sandfly bites.

  • Sweating is going to reduce the longevity of your sandfly repellent. If you are exercising outdoors, keep on the move. The second you stop they will find you. Swimming is sage, but be sure to dry off thoroughly and reapply you sandfly repellent immediately.
  • Like mosquitoes, sandfly prefer the  cooler temperatures  in the early morning and late afternoons or evenings. They can swarm at these times and even with your sandfly repellent, there are bound to be a few casualties.
  • In the morning and evenings, in addition to your sandfly repellent, cover your exposed skin. Wear a on a hat, long pants, socks. Sandflys love ankles because they tend to stay close to the ground and move upward if they can’t find their feast. If you wear a skirt or dress  they will crawl under it or through it and you will be miserable.
  • sandflys are small so they have a tough time in breezes and wind. If you are sitting on the patio or around the pool, install a fan or 2. IF you are on the move, a small portable battery powered fan can help.
  • Sandflys breed and love moist soil. If you are working in the garden, try to do so without disturbing the soil. You’ll awaken them and they’ll be hungry. Container gardening reduces the need to go digging so it may worth a try.

Aside from being a chemical, DEET products don’t really work. No No-See-Um is all natural and in conjunction with our suggestions, will really do the trick in bad sandfly conditions.

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