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Our Story

business-reporterNo No-See-Um was created out of necessity. Upon moving to Florida from Michigan in 1992, I quickly discovered the plague of the noseeum. After doing a guided shell tour at dusk, I woke up in the middle of the night scratching uncontrollable.  I didn’t even know I had been bitten by anything.

I tried the natural sprays that were on the market at that time and nothing seemed to work. I slathered gooey lotions and oils on my skin as a protective barrier, but that was only somewhat effective and wasn’t practical unless a shower was the next activity. I even tried  DEET, which goes against everything I believe it, and  I was still a noseeum feast.

18 year later, it never occurred to me that I’d come up with a formula that works better than anything I’d ever tried.  In 2010, Velmaxxx Enterprises, Inc. was founded. No No-See-Um did a trial run in July with only 100 bottles at two stores. It sold out in 3 days, so it was now time to get serious.

We still fill in small batches for quality control and to ensure that each bottle is mixed properly.

I truly hope that you like the product as much as the thousands of people who have given us such positive feedback.

Enjoy the outdoors again!

Caroline Semerjian