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Our Company

Our Vision

Woman OwnedAs a woman-owned and operated, WBENC certified company, Velmaxxx Enterprises, Inc. recognizes the benefits of diversity and provides equal employment opportunities. A fun and flexible work environment is considered a requirement at Velmaxxx Enterprises, Inc., so as to ensure harmonious efforts in aiding and respecting the Earth, from which all came from and from which Velmaxxx Enterprises, Inc. does too.

At Velmaxxx Enterprises, Inc., we strive to always look past the Earth’s modern surface and see it for its natural roots. In this interest, we are driven to out-stand and lead in the development, distribution, manufacturing, and marketing of natural and Earth-friendly products. We intend to enrich and improve the lives of people and animals by assuring and fulfilling the highest standards of quality, consistency, and sustainability of our products.

Our Mission

Our objective is to exceed all expectations with integrity and perfectly fulfill the needs of our customers, associates, and future natural and specialty product consumers. We aim to promote equal employment opportunities, natural living, and a green Earth.