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Noseeums and Biting Midges Resurface in Search of Moisture

The noseeums and other biting midges are out in force. Listen to the news story carefully. Noseeums HATE dry condition’s, which is causing the outbreaks. The noseeums are coming out of their ordinarily most habitat in search of water closer to the surface. The noseeums mostly bite from the knee down. When out at dawn and […]

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Zika Virus Overview & News

The Zika virus is related to dengue, West Nile virus and yellow fever. Symptoms can include fever, rash, joint and muscle pain, red eyes and can take several days to develop after being exposed . The Zika virus is transmitted by female Aedes mosquitoes, but can also be spread through sexual contact and blood transfusions. […]

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Nature and Natural Force

No-see-ums. Those awful little pests. They belong to the family of biting flies known as Ceratopogonidae. Depending on where you live or visit, the U.S., Canada… Scotland, no-see-ums are referred to by many names. No-see-ums have been called biting midges, midgies, punkies, five-Os, pinyon gnats, black gnats, knotts, moose flies, valley black flies, devil flies, […]

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horse fly repellent

Natural Equine Fly Spray Now Available

No No-See-Um Equine Fly Spray is a specialized formula, developed in response to the increased imperative need of natural and eco-friendly insect repellent for horses. Backed by the repelling power of the original No No-See-Um we all know and love, this specialized equine formula provides many benefits for our hoofed friends. Not only will it […]

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No-see-ums Love Animals Too

It’s easy to forget about the swarms of no-see-ums when you’re somewhere they aren’t present year-round. Soon enough though, you remember fast. You aren’t alone. Just as much as you don’t like the no-see-ums and their awful bites, your pets are right there with you. Danger lurks, but we can battle the pests together, us […]

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