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No-See-Um Breeding Habits

The female No-See-Um will lay her eggs in a wide range of locations. Breeding ground for the female No-See-Ums to lay her eggs require a moist location. This is why they are more prevalent in rainy season. It can be small or large, freshwater or saltwater areas.

Breeding locations can include:

  • freshwater lakes and ponds
  • marsh lands and mangrove areas
  • wet sand along seashores
  • even moist soil and water retention area of house plants

side note: Since no-see-ums are small enough to fit through most window screening and therefore can enter your home The breeding habits of noseeums are similar to mosquites and require a moist environment to lay their eggs. Although it us unlikely, It is possible for them to lay their eggs in the retention dishes around potted plants.  They are not doing so in the carpet or furniture like fruit flies, fleas or bed bugs would. If you have bugs reproducing in these places, the no-see-um is not your bug.

A single female no-see-um can breed up to 7 times per year and lay more than 400 eggs at one time. YIKES!!!  With such as short lifespan,  the large populations of no-see-ums swarming around your region is no mystery. 

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