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The Man-Made Creation of Infestation

Engineers across the country and other places in the world take their ideas of beautiful developments from the drawing board to reality by destroying and building atop of wetlands and swamplands. Eliminating natural drainage and water retention areas, they have to then create man-made drainage lakes and streams to prevent lands from turning into unwanted […]

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Fear the Bite? We Don’t.

In some areas, no-see-ums, mosquitoes, and other biting insects are ever-prevalent, but even so, some times of the year are worse than others. Here in No No-See-Um’s home state of Florida, as with many other states and countries, summer means bugs. A LOT of them. Don’t Get Bug-Bummed The problem with this, is most of […]

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DEET Plus Sunscreen is a Recipe for Disaster

DEET isn’t neat, not if you’re green, and not in sunscreen. DEET based products may be potentially harmful to the nervous system as well as to the environment. There is consideration as new studies out of Canada show that DEET, mixed with sunscreen, can actually increase the absorption of the man-made chemical into human skin. […]

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How to Battle What You Can’t See

Wait. I’m getting bit by what? How do you know it’s there if you can’t see it? If you’re getting bit by “phantom” bugs, you could very well have a no-see-um issue on your hands, aaand  your arms and your legs and your… sounding familiar? Chances are you aren’t a fan of the incessant itching […]

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No-see-um? No I haven’t.

What is a no-see-um? Some people haven’t heard of a no-see-um, but those who have, know them very well. A no-see-um is a tiny flying insect, measuring only about 1/16th-1/8th of an inch. They are almost impossible to see, but you can surely feel them… eventually at least. Under a microscope,they look like a smaller […]

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How to Get Rid of Noseeums

If you live in or have ever visited a tropical area with a lot of standing water you know what a no-see-um is. You also know how frustrating it can be to enjoy the outdoors when these tiny insects are ever present and consistently on the attack. Back in the day, homeowners used to focus […]

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May is National Garden Month

Did you know that May is National Garden month? It’s a wonderful time of year when spring has sprung and homeowners everywhere celebrate and participate in gardening. Flowers bloom, the sun shines and life is good! But wait…if you've been part of the gardening community for awhile, you know that noseeums, mosquitoes and biting gnats […]

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What’s a Noseeum?

No-see-ums are a tiny pest about 1/16th inch long. You can barely see them…but you sure can feel them. If you were to take a look with a microscope you’d see something that looks like a smaller version of a mosquito. These swarming insects tend to breed on the edges of water such as ponds, […]

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