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Equine Fly Spray


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Special bulk pricing is available for stables and barns  boarding or more horses. Contact us for more details. **

Our equine fly spray is specially formulated  for our hoofed friends. and backed by the original No No-see-um insect repelling power we all know and love. This specialized formula provides many benefits for our hoofed friends. Not only will it repel unwelcome insects that all of our horses hate, but without the toxic chemicals found in other popular fly sprays. We use only pure grade essential oils that are also very beneficial for the coat, nourishing for the skin, non-burning, and improve skin conditions. As the product penetrates the hair, it will result in a long-lasting, natural repelling effect. It also acts as a conditioning agent promoting coat sheen. And who doesn’t love shiny??

The concentration of the all natural active ingredient sets it apart from any other natural fly spray on the market.

Active: lemongrass 3%, citronella 3%, geranium 1%, peppermint 1%. inactive: RO Water 92%

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 12 inches; 2.1 pounds
UPC: 7 28028 24207 2

** Currently unavailable for sale in Alabama