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Customer Testimonials

Thank you for providing an all natural alternative for mosquito and noseeum repellent! With this years insane mosquito population, my 1 year old son and I have been getting eaten alive! I was hesitant to use any repellent because he has extremely sensitive skin but he had 8 bites on his little body one week and I am very diligent with keeping those little suckers off of him. That was the final straw. I’ve been using your repellent for the last few weeks on both of us and it works wonders. He has had no negative reactions to No noseeum and it’s keeping those nasty things at bay. Keep up the good work!

Amy Costello – Sanibel, FL

My roommate and I were having a yard sale and we woke up super early to set up and were getting bitten by mosquitos and we had a bottle of No No-See-Um and some cutter, so we decided to do a science experiment and sprayed the left side of our bodies with the cutter repellent and the right side with your stuff. We just got bit on her left side. Yours wins.

Amy Schillian – Science Teacher – Tampa, FL

Used this stuff in Roatan last week and it worked like a charm! Everyone else in my group was using Cactus Juice, Deep Woods Off, etc. and still kept getting bit. Before the week was over, they were all borrowing my No No-See-Um spray and I almost ran out. I plan on taking two bottles next time!

Scott Cooper – Huffman, TX

I can tell you, as a man, it’s not just you two “sweet girls” the noseeums like. I am so susceptible that I cannot even go in our own yard without protecting myself with your “magic potion”. I had to avoid being seated outside at our country club, for the same reason, but not anymore. I keep one bottle in my golf bag, one in the car, one in the bathroom and one in the garage. Thank you for this much needed and appreciated product.

Jim Tucker -Bonita Springs, FL

I have been going to Captiva Island for 20 years, this is the only spray that works for me. I can actually walk outside without being eaten alive.I’m so glad to have found this product. Thank you!

Vanessa Gramarossa – Darien. IL

I understand I was one of the lucky ones to have gotten my hands on a bottle of No No See Um last summer. I was so thrilled to have found a bug repellent that wasn’t full of chemicals and that actually worked that I told the rest of my family to buy some too. Having gone online to buy some to be shipped to Virginia we realized that the bottle we bought on Sanibel at Bailey’s was actually part of a test run. We are pleased to know that we are now able to purchase the new and improved version of No No-See-Um for the coming bug season. Not that we felt it needed any improvement. Thank you No No-See-Um for your product. My entire family will use it against mosquitoes up north and against noseeums when we’re visiting Sanibel.

Ed Fisher – Martinsville, VA

I love this product! have been searching for a great smelling natural alternative that really does the job. Thanks for your contribution to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Myra Roberts – Sanibel, FL

What else can be said, ‘It Works’!

Richard Johnson – Bailey’s General Store – Sanibel, FL