Things that Reduce the Effectiveness of Insect Repellent

So you have applied your bug spray and a ready to hit the muggy and buggy outdoors. You have used your spray successfully many times before and this time it’s not working. “What has changed?” you ask yourself.

Well, there are many factors that can effect the effectiveness of any bug spray.

  • Depending on the humidity, high temperatures and wind will cause the spray to evaporate or soak into the skin more quickly.
  • Sunscreen, epecially the scented kind. No No-See-Um scent was taken into consideration when formulated.
  • Sweating, swimming or rain will dilute the bug spray.

Keep in mind that natural bug sprays and natural insect repellents may need to be reapplied more frequently. Althought the ingredients are all natural, be make sure that you do not have a skin allery to any of the ingredients before applying too much.

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