DEET INSECT REPELLENT DANGER: DEET insect repellent can cause serious side-effects

Why should you use a noseeum repellent that is natural?

Because DEET is absorbed through the skin, it can cause serious damage to the nervous system and the immune system.  Thus it can significantly reduce immunity to various illnesses as well as cause nervousness, seizures and agitation – especially in children, seniors and people with life-threatening illnesses.

It is alleged that DEET is not harmful because it is applied externally to the skin. This allegation completely ignores the fact that the skin is our largest organ and does absorb many liquid chemical compounds directly into the body. According to the Natural News once DEET enters the bloodstream through the skin, it is known to cause neurological damage. According to Natural News, DEET is a highly effective insect repellant  probably because its neurotoxicity extends to insects as well as human beings

There is now evidence that DEET can kill brain neurons and therefore may possibly be a cause of ADHD, sleeping disorders and autism. Thus, DEET should not be used on children.  Instead, a natural product – with the same effectiveness – should be used exclusively. No-No-See-Um repels noseeums and mosquetoes natually.

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