How to Get Rid of Noseeums

If you live in or have ever visited a tropical area with a lot of standing water you know what a no-see-um is. You also know how frustrating it can be to enjoy the outdoors when these tiny insects are ever present and consistently on the attack. Back in the day, homeowners used to focus on insecticides with DEET as the key ingredient, which not only is toxic, but doesn’t work well to combat noseeum bites. These days most people are conscious of the environment and so are looking for other options and prevention measures.

To get rid of noseeums, the first thing to do is address potential breeding grounds. If there is standing water on your property that has the potential to create masses of no-see-ums. If possible eliminate standing water. Drain and rinse out birdbaths and other water-filled objects. If your yard is full of ruts or holes fill those as well so that they don’t fill and stand during the rainy seasons. Also check the retention area of potted plants in the house and on any porches. You can use insecticide, however this is a very short term solution as it will have to be reapplied every life cycle to make a difference. Most insecticides have harmful ingredients to pets, children and the environment in general.

You’ll also want to be sure to keep the no-see-ums out of your home and lanai. To do this you’ll need screens that are smaller than 16-mesh. You can further discourage no-see-ums by using an overhead or oscillating fan.

When you decide to head outdoors, keep in mind that these insects are most active in the early morning and evening hours. Wear light-colored clothing to cover your body and shoes and socks that cover your ankles and feet. Apply an all natural insect repellent like No No-See-Um to both your clothing and your skin. By following these guidelines you will set yourself up for success at keeping the no-see-ums away from you, your pets and loved ones.

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