No-see-um? No I haven’t.

What is a no-see-um?

Some people haven’t heard of a no-see-um, but those who have, know them very well. A no-see-um is a tiny flying insect, measuring only about 1/16th-1/8th of an inch. They are almost impossible to see, but you can surely feel them… eventually at least. Under a microscope,they look like a smaller version of a mosquito. When a no-see-um bites someone, it cuts lacerations into the person’s skin, then uses its saliva as an anticoagulant so it can suck blood. An individual’s reaction, in their skin to the saliva, can be intense. Countless people will get bit and not realize it until hours to days later. [break]They eventually find large, itchy, welts, that sometimes even cover a majority of their body. The welts can form blisters and scratching them can cause large lesions and lead to infection. Confusing the red welts with bedbug, mite, and flea bites, people continue to be bit without explanation because they can’t find the culprit. They just can’t see ‘um.  While no-see-ums may enter a home undetected through open windows, or riding in on a pet, they are not bed-dwellers like bedbugs or dust mites. No-see-ums can, though, be referred to by many different names such as biting midges, midgies, punkies, five-Os, pinyon gnats, black gnats, knotts, moose flies, valley black flies, devil flies, and more.

Um, where are they?

No-see-ums commonly  inhabit water-front and grassy areas with alkaline soil. One such place is Florida, where the No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent was first created. In many areas of Florida (as well as other states and countries), the soils were formed from materials rich in calcium. This can result from the erosion of, for example,  limestone or sea shells, and results  in an alkaline ph. The environment is perfect for the little pests, which is plenty unfortunate for people who also enjoy parks, beaches, ponds, marshes, lakes and the like. Many parts of the world have similar attractions, with perfect, no-see-um accommodating, variables. With so many  people affected, in so many lands across the map, it’s no surprise the no-see-ums have acquired their many names. You’re not in the clear by just avoiding beaches and bodies of water. Hiking nature trails in California, a tee-ball game in Arizona, and even an outdoor family party in Alabama are places no-see-ums and mosquitoes are out for blood.

How do you fight the bite?!

You don’t want ‘um and you don’t need ‘um? Then avoid them entirely, by protection of course! The easiest way to fight the bite is to not get bit at all. The No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent will take care of that for you. Just spray yourself and enjoy the outdoors. No No-See-Um was initially intended to be your savior from no-see-um misery and it does just that and then some. It also eliminates the potential for mosquito, black fly, tick, and other bites. By repelling many other biting insects, while also protecting you from those nasty no-see-ums, its a clear winner.

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