Fear the Bite? We Don’t.

In some areas, no-see-ums, mosquitoes, and other biting insects are ever-prevalent, but even so, some times of the year are worse than others. Here in No No-See-Um’s home state of Florida, as with many other states and countries, summer means bugs. A LOT of them.

Don’t Get Bug-Bummed

The problem with this, is most of us moved to, or chose to visit, Florida and other warm, humid, places because we love the outdoors. We want to be outside. We want to fish and dive in the Florida Keys, lay out on the tropical secluded beaches of Sanibel Island, kayak through natural mangrove trails, and eat outdoors at beautiful restaurants. We want to go boating, camping, and “shelling” as the locals call it. We want to be happy outside. What we don’t want, is to be swarmed and attacked by bugs. It is almost safe to say that no one, anywhere, at any time would want to be swarmed and attacked. What if you don’t see the swarm, or the attack? Sometimes you don’t see any bugs, but they’re there.

Reactions and Solutions

In Florida, California, Arizona, Alabama, and even places as far as halfway around the world, many people discover they have “mystery bites”. They don’t know what has happened to them when they notice mysterious welts appearing almost out of nowhere on their body. Commonly, people are unaware that they have been bitten by no-see-ums. Eventually their skin reacts to the bite and the time-delay offsets their conclusion of the culprit. The reactions can take any amount of time spanning from minutes, in acute cases, to days to occur. No-see-um bites are often very large and extremely itchy. While no-see-ums are actually smaller than mosquitoes, their bites tend to leave much bigger and far more itchy impacts. Any time someone goes outside where no-see-ums are found, the insects are a definite risk to those exposed.

It is important for locals and visitors alike, who experience these insect-infested places, to wear an insect repellent if they want to save themselves the agony of no-see-um bites. Products like Skin So Soft by Avon may keep some no-see-ums away, but according to users it leaves a greasy residue. Some have reported “human flypaper instances”, in which they found themselves covered in bug bodies that have drowned in and stuck to the greasy residue. No No-See-Um, however, is a natural, non-greasy, insect repellent that really was originally created to be extremely effective against no-see-ums and is just that. To boot, it not only repels the pesky no-see-ums, but it is also very effective at fighting off mosquitoes and other annoying biting insects that are a bummer to your summer.

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