No-see-ums Love Animals Too

It’s easy to forget about the swarms of no-see-ums when you’re somewhere they aren’t present year-round. Soon enough though, you remember fast. You aren’t alone. Just as much as you don’t like the no-see-ums and their awful bites, your pets are right there with you. Danger lurks, but we can battle the pests together, us and our animals.

The Risk of Disease

No-see-ums aren’t known to be disease transmitters to humans at this time, but they and mosquitoes are very dangerous to animals. When we go out for our morning or evening walks we can use bug sprays and insect repellents and enjoy our outings. What about the dogs we take with us? How enjoyable can it be to walk in grass, sand, or rocks with hundreds of bugs in your eyes, in your ears, and on your very loveable drooly hanging tongue? It can’t possibly be fun at all. Can you imagine having nasty, itchy, blistering, welts and sores and not be able to voice your discomfort or even get to complain a little? This is how our dogs feel.

What You Can Do

The trouble with no-see-ums is that there is no way to eliminate them. They are a part of the environment where we live and likely always will be. People get overwhelmed and discouraged when they think there is no way around this issue. Don’t give up, there is a way.

The answer is simple, insect repellent. When we get bit by something, it’s uncomfortable. We don’t like it. We wear insect repellent to keep bugs away from us and prevent the agony of “the itch”. Wouldn’t it be great if our dogs could do the same? They can with No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent. It keeps all sorts of biting insects like no-see-ums, mosquitoes, black flies, and biting gnats away. We can easily spray ourselves before we head outside and address our dog’s needs in just the same way, easily and with great effect. Tails are wagging already.

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