Noseeum Breeding Habits and Keeping Them Out of Your House

We are often asked about noseeum breeding habits and realize that is realized it’s not a well know fact. People are waking up in the middle of the night itching and scratching and believe they are getting bit in their sleep.

They have called a pest control company and they couldn’t find any bed bugs, mites or any other biting insects in their home. I know an exterminator that set some glue board insect traps on the window sills in rooms where people were complaining about getting bitten.

He came back in a week and found some dead biting midges (noseeums) stuck to the boards.

Biting midges/noseeums are extremely small and less than 3 mm. They can easily gain entry into a home through the average window scree the and bite you. They don’t fly directly through the screen, but instead land in it land on it and climb through.

Noseeum Breeding Habits

Noseeums breed in very damp soil, mud and decaying vegetation. Since we’ve had so much rain this summer, there is an increased moisture are even more areas for them to breed.

Since noseeums are nearly impossible to see, it’s also impossible to know exactly where the noseeum breeding is taking place around your home. Therefore, there is no way to control noseeum production with pesticides. In an effort to keep them out of your house, make sure your windows are closed at night so they can’t get in through the screens.

The good news is, since they require the conditions above to breed, it is almost impossible for noseeums to reproduce in your home.

Here are some tips to reduce noseeum breeding and a noseeum free home:

  • Make sure your windows are closed at night so they can’t get in through the screens
  • Remove potted plants and retaining dishes from your home. They breed in damp soil.
  • Move potted plants with retaining dishes away from the house.

Where noseeums DO NOT BREED in your home:

  • Carpet.  It is not muddy or damp
  • Bedding. It is not muddy or damp
  • Furniture. It is not muddy or damp
  • Walls. They are not muddy or damp
  • Anything else in your house that is not muddy or damp

If you have small insects that are reproducing inside your house, the noseeum is NOT your culprit. Noseeum breeding can’t be 100% stopped, but can be reduced with a little effort.

Of course, if you’re on your porch, lanai, or in your yard, grab your bottle of No No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent to stay protected. Visit our Where to Buy page to see if there is a location that sells No No-See-Um near you. If not, get your trusty bottle online now and have if delivered directly to your home.

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