How to Get Rid of Noseeums

If you live in or have ever visited a tropical area with a lot of standing water you know what a no-see-um is. You also know how frustrating it can be to enjoy the outdoors when these tiny insects are ever present and consistently on the attack. Back in the day, homeowners used to focus on insecticides with DEET as…

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What’s a Noseeum?

No-see-ums are a tiny pest about 1/16th inch long. You can barely see them…but you sure can feel them. If you were to take a look with a microscope you’d see something that looks like a smaller version of a mosquito. These swarming insects tend to breed on the edges of water such as ponds, marshes or pools of water.…

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May is National Garden Month

Did you know that May is National Garden month? It’s a wonderful time of year when spring has sprung and homeowners everywhere celebrate and participate in gardening. Flowers bloom, the sun shines and life is good! But wait…if you’ve been part of the gardening community for awhile, you know that noseeums, mosquitoes and biting gnats can make your gardening experience…

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April Showers Bring… THE BUGS

It’s a wonderful time of year, Spring has sprung. Life is in bloom and people have a reason to stop and smell not just the roses, but the whole garden. It’s April and it’s National Garden Month. It’s amazing when people come together for a good cause. Whether it’s a group effort to build a community garden, or it’s a…

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No-See-Um Breeding Habits

No-see-um breeding is similar to that of the mosquito. The female No-See-Um will lay her eggs in a wide range of locations. Breeding ground for the female No-See-Ums to lay her eggs require a moist location. This is why they are more prevalent in rainy season. It can be small or large, freshwater or saltwater areas. Breeding locations can include:…

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